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Research Centers

Institute for New Paradigm of Energy Science Convergence

Name of Institute

Institute of New Paradigm of Energy Science Convergence

Principal Investigator

Young Hee LEE



1. Energy Generation Technology

2. Energy Storage Technology

3. Energy Conversion/ Efficiency Technology

4. Energy System Technology

Project Objective

Our institute was founded on 31 December 2008 after receiving support from the Global Classed Research-centered-University Promotion Plan of KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation). Our goals were to create advanced concept energy sources through converged scientific technology research.


In addition, our institute is developing new technology for energy generation, transportation, and effective storage, as well as setting new goals for the 21st century. Such goals as, becoming an incubator nurturing integrated global human source, so our country can become an energy independent country with socio-economic consideration and convergence of whole fundamental science including; physics and chemistry and application technology including; electric, electronic, material, mechanic and polymer.


For intersecting the problems of climate change and resource exhaustion, all the countries of the world are trying to find a solution to long-term energy securement. Our country places 10th in the ranking of global energy consumption, therefore, we need to handle national energy security and climate change, and move towards sustainable economic growth.

Expected Outcome

(1) By uniting diverse energy related-technologies/ securing and applying the original technology in future energy field

(2) Through our projects academically and technically, presenting research papers to domestic and international

     academic contests, SCI journals and patents application

(3) Nurturing of highly qualified professionals in the next generation of energy field







Department of Energy Science

Ms. Sun Ung YOU

BK21 PLUS Research

Fund Management



Ms. Soo Jin LEE

Academic and International Affairs




Center For Nanotubes and Nanostructured Composites
Background of CNNC
Cooperation of CNNC
Principal Institute Sungkyunkwan University (Director: Prof. Chong-Yun Park)
Date of Foundation September 3. 2001
Participating Institution

Seoul Natn. Univ. KAIST, Sejong Univ. Hanyang Univ.,

Korea Research Institute of Standard Science

Industrial Cooperation Samsung, Iljin Nanotech.
International Cooperation

UC-Berkeley, U. Texas-Austin, NEC, Stanford U.,

NCCNM (North Carolina Center for Nanoscale Materials),

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology






Center for Integrated

Nanostructure Physics

Ms. Nam Hee JOO




Innovative Electride Materials Center

Name of Institute

Innovative Electride Materials Center

Principal Investigator

Sung Wung KIM



1. Material Design Technology

  - Developing advanced material design technology which is able to suggest a thermodynamic route for designing

     and predicting advanced material and real synthesis

  - Developing computer simulation technology that can investigate the principle property of material relevance


2. Material Synthesis Technology

  - Developing synthetic material that can be used to test a mess of materials

  - Developing growth technology of high purity and high crystallizability, to investigate the intrinsic property

     of material

  - Developing technology which can control and optimize the property of materials


3. Material Analysis Technology

  - Developing macroscopic materials analysis technology

  - Developing microscopic materials analysis technology


4. Material Application Technology

  - Developing the material stabilizing and mass producing process technology

  - Developing the material thinning and demagnetization application technology

Project Objective
1st stage   (2016) ▶ Designing electrides and calculating properties based on Data Mining & CALYPSO+Beyond DFT
2nd stage (2017) ▶ Developing synthesis method for improvement of implementable material synthesis probability

We aim to contribute to material development by designing and discovering advanced materials from creative and inventive research and training systems, producing professional, high-quality researchers.


Our goal for the 21st century: research multi-disciplinary studies, through the application of fundamental science such as; physics and chemistry principles, to the field  of electric, electronic, mechanical and polymer and to be an incubator where the global elite of Korea can train and eventually advance to the next generation of researchers.  

Expected Outcome

(1) Producing new research fields about Innovative Concepts of Electrides: Advanced materials synthetic chemistry/

     property/analysis/computer simulation modeling physics, and related fields of application

(2) Improving understanding of quantum physics







Innovative Electride Materials Center

Ms. Eun Oh SHIN

Laboratory Management



Ms. Eun Jin PARK

Laboratory Management