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Applied Data Science

Location #86422, N Center 4F
Address Seobu-ro 2066, Jangan-gu, 16419, Suwon, Republic of Korea
Telephone +82-31-290-5703


Education Objectives

  • To train experts on AI big data convergence leading the fourth industrial revolution, which combines theory and practice
    • To foster next-generation Data Scientist experts with industrial competitiveness by fostering next-generation convergence fields that will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution.
    • In pursuit of re-education-type curriculum centered on employees, the college system and educational environment for industrial cooperation are established, and practical core human resources for industrial businesses are fostered.


Guide and Introduction

  • Empower field employees by operating academic schedules and curriculum customized for them
  • AI and Big Data-based data analytics provide hands-on, hands-on training in relevant fields.
  • Establishment of industry-academic cooperation system such as joint operation of education courses with Samsung SDS and Multi-Campus, invitation lecture, and SW application


Training Course
  • Basic Subject
    • Operate basic analytical courses based on data analysis capabilities/backgrounds
    • Computer subjects such as R, Python, data structure, algorithm, etc.
    • Sungkyunkwan University and Multi-Campus Joint Lecture
  • Theoretical Subjects
    • Data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.
    • “Team Project/Mini Project”
    • Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung SDS Co-Lecture
  • Applied/combined subjects
    • Centrally applied/converged content for each domain (management, finance, healthcare, etc.)
    • Sungkyunkwan University and Samsung SDS Co-Lecture
  • Practical/Study Subjects
    • Capstone Project Utilizing Samsung SDS Experience
    • Research subject utilizing expert research personnel at Sungkyunkwan University
  • Graduation Requirements
    • 27 credits + Capstone Project (6 credits) or research paper


External Partner
  • Medical, Biological: Samsung Seoul Hospital and Gangbuk Samsung Hospital (health and medical-related joint research)
  • Research Institute: IBS Research Group (Joint Research in Brain Science)
  • Industry-Academic Cooperation: Samsung SDS and Multi-Campus (co-development of curriculum, exchange of lecturers and human resources, and utilize Big Data SW)
  • International Cooperation: Georgia Tech College of Computing (Center of Data Analytics)


Future vision and career

Major job opportunities include portal sites such as Naver and Daum, telecommunication businesses such as Kakao, Samsung Electronics, SKT, KT, AI-specialized companies such as Vuno, Rooney, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and others in the data analysis field.