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Dean's Message

Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU)

SKKU Institute for Convergence


Creating R&E Convergence Knowledge Environment
Creative Innovation of Education and Research
Quantum Leap Forward to Global SKKU


SKKU Institute for Convergence was launched in 2013 to meet the needs of the time and to suggest a new paradigm of future leading studies. SKKU Institute for Convergence was established to invigorate convergence education and research.

The main functions and roles of the Institute are as follows:
① To develop and operate convergence education courses
② To develop policies and systems for invigorating convergence education research
③ To establish and operate convergence academic units(undergraduate/graduate)
④ To develop and promote convergence clusters of new science technologies and research areas
⑤ To support IBS research centers in the field of big science.


There are two IBS research centers (Nano/ Neuroscience), two BK21 PLUS research groups (Developing Global Human Resources), and two general graduate school departments of high-tech science areas (Department of Energy Science, Biomedical Engineering). We also have an undergraduate program for Biomedical Engineering which aims to foster global leading, talented researchers and resolve global issues in the area of the Bio-Healthcare industry.

The Institute pursues the medium and long term vision of “Creating R&E Convergence Knowledge Environment”, and carries out 4 strategic goals and 13 strategic initiatives. SKKU Institute for Convergence invests human and material resources to achieve world class, high-impact research results, to develop and expand convergence education programs, to discover and foster next-generation researchers, and to establish a global R&E hub.

SKKU Institute for Convergence has future-oriented perspective, and will lead the change & innovation with its pool of excellent faculties, education and research infrastructures.

Please join us to make your way in the world.


Young Uk Kwon, Ph.D.
Dean, SKKU Institute for Convergence